The "Cevennes" of the "Gard"

A geographical context of exception


  • Le village de Pompignan

The "Cevennes" is a mythical place. A land that men have conquered shaped consistently. With which they negotiated too. This results in unique landscapes. You will be seized by the harmony of these terraces won on the slope or the delicate balance of housing in their environment. You will discover a civilization of silk and mulberry, culture chestnut and sweet onion, perennial traditions and a strong sense of freedom. In this country, historical Protestant refuge, you will be better than anywhere else.

From 1567 meters of Mont-Aigoual, the top of the department, the last foothills rebounds licking the southern plains, the « Cevennes » landscapes are those that carry you. Following the valleys let tumbling towards the sea, you will love the authenticity and vitality of charming towns. Le Vigan, Valleraugue, Saint-Jean-du-Gard, Anduze, Alès Génolhac or Portes with its majestic castle seduce you with their rich heritage and numerous festive and cultural events. Lower, highly dynamic Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort, Sauve, Quissac Vézénobres or wrap you in their way of life.

In the wake of a registered territory as a World Heritage by UNESCO, you will fill you with extraordinary sites (cirque de Navacelles, Causse de Blandas, Parc national des Cévennes…) but also to adventure on one of the many historic National Trails. Even more amazing, family, the steam train of the « Cevennes », the Bamboo, the mine of Ales of control, the museum of silk or the conservatory of the fork, among the many sights and museums, enroll in you unforgettable memories.


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